CRO Technical Sales Specialist - Code: 2350

Overall responsibilities:

The overall responsibility of the CRO Technical Sales Specialist (CTSS) is to increase sales, market penetration and achieve sales budget by establishing sound business plans to achieve dollar volume and goals. The CTSS will sell directly to service requesters, execute sales plans and achieve established sales goals. Moreover, the CTSS will perform proper account management and ensure representation of Contract Assay Services in the overall effort of instrument, software and service sales by keeping Regional and Area Sales Managers apprised of sales, marketing and product activity. This role will provide essential service support in the biology and research community to further the development, applications, and knowledge of image-based Bioscience. The CTSS will be expected to work both in-person and remotely in significant capacities. To drive business and meet customers where they are at, the CTSS is expected to spend a significant amount of time in research laboratories at universities, hospitals, Biotech and other related biomedical institutions. When appropriate, the CTSS will also have frequent virtual meetings and remote communications with customers.

Key areas of responsibility:

Education, skills & experience:

 The salary for this position is $80,000 annual base plus commission

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