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Advanced Bio-Imaging Staff Scientist (Code: 2131)

Overall Responsibility:

Provide technical expertise in all areas of basic and advanced microscopy and in the area of cell biology, especially with regards to stem cells and regenerative medicine. Develop and perform high-content imaging assays. Communicate regularly with customers, sales teams, and manager. Carefully understand and apply strict standard operating procedures (SOP’s) with regards to data collection, analysis, and delivery. Provide recommendations for modifications to SOP’s as needed to ensure strict and reproducible guidelines are generated and followed. Maintain the expertise required to understand and apply the latest techniques and technology in live cell image acquisition and analysis, cell culture and labeling, and advanced in vitro human model systems. Provide regular guidance and feedback with regards to applications, competitive changes, assay product improvements, potential customers and contracts, and any other facet related the success of Nikon's present and future business. Provide technical sales support as needed to sales teams in order to effectively secure and maintain business. Contribute to scientific publications including application notes and white papers and present at symposia and meetings on application methodologies and emerging technologies. Attend scientific meetings and trade shows to present on Nikon technology and services.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Work with product department, colleagues at the Nikon BioImaging Lab, and at the Nikon Corp. factory team to design and implement cell-based imaging assays.
  • Perform cell culture work in a BSL level 2 or higher facility while maintaining aseptic technique and proper safety standards.
  • Create custom reporter cell lines using contemporary methods including CRISPR/CAS9.
  • Keep careful records of all work done using a standard lab notebook and other designated record keeping methods.
  • Operate and maintain microscopy instrumentation to efficiently acquire large data sets from living cells and tissues in vitro.
  • Generate and optimize protocols for high content cell imaging
  • Prepare and present progress reports to customers, Nikon BioImaging Lab staff, Nikon Corp factory employees, and managers.
  • Receive and track progress on cell imaging contracts following Nikon BioImaging Lab SOP.
  • Perform image analysis on imaging data collected using Nikon NIS Elements and other image analysis software programs.
  • Create summaries and reports for delivery to customers after contracts/projects are completed.
  • Work within a set budget to minimize costs and help maintain profitability
  • Maintain a stock of essential media, reagents, supplies, etc. required to accomplish the responsibilities as outlined.
  • Keep informed via regular review of scientific literature and related publications and information outlets of developments in the fields of imaging, cell biology, and related fields.
  • Help evaluate and recommend innovations in life science research and clinical diagnostics that might lead to the development of new business opportunities through new technology. Help assess the potential value of adopting these technologies.
  • Work outside of normal hours of operation, as needed, in order to fulfill essential functions and responsibilities.

Ancillary responsibilities:

  • Ability to travel up to 20% (includes overnight travel)
  • Ability to work outside of regularly scheduled work hours as needed
  • Familiarity with project management and collaboration software platforms preferred
  • Familiarity with cell-based screening techniques is a plus
  • Ability to work in BSL level 2 or higher lab environments


  • Microsoft applications (e.g. Word, Excel and PowerPoint) & MS Outlook
  • Extensive knowledge of light microscopy and advanced Bio-Science technologies
  • Familiarity with optics, imaging, and software applications
  • Familiarity with common wet lab techniques including molecular biology and cell culture
  • Familiarity with common statistics software (e.g. R, Stata, Matlab, etc.)
  • Excellent quantitative skills & excellent presentation skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong social skills and ability to work as part of a team
  • Interest in and aptitude for learning new methods, techniques, technologies, etc.

Education, skills & experience:

  • Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, or related field is required
  • 5+ years experience using light microscopy, including phase contrast, wide-field fluorescence, confocal (spinning disk and point-scanning) in the context of cell biology.
  • 5+ years experience in a wet-lab environment including cell culture, molecular biology, and biochemistry.
  • Experience using Nikon microscopes is preferred

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